Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Saying you're okay is a LIE

3 years, finally it's over
A friend of mine once told me and I quote "You'll find the best of friends in college". Turns out he was wrong, it was one hell of a journey I have to admit.

3 years, finally I'm free.
The college life made me realize that everyone will eventually judge and talk about you. Even with the person you think you're most comfortable. No one is safe, that is one sad fact. You can always feel that people talk about you when you're away, it's inevitable. 

3 years, I've had enough.
Honestly, I'm sick and tired of people who judge others based on their backgrounds. It may be okay to some but not me. How narrow minded can you be? Annoying fucktards. 

I survived the negativity and hopefully it dies and rot there. You will not be remembered,     3 years.

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